Palm Fruit Smart Oil Press

 Huatai Machinery’s developed intelligent palm oil press fills the domestic gap

A few days ago, the palm fruit intelligent oil press,which was researched and developed by R & D team of FFB Business Dept. From Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. was developed successfully and passed pilot production. This equipment has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high pressing efficiency, low residual oil rate in cake, low palm nut crushing rate, low cost, convenient operation, and easy disassembly and maintenance, and it fills the domestic gap.

Palm oil, soybean oil and canola oil are called "Three major vegetable oils in the world" and have edible history of more than five thousand years. Global palm oil production in 2019 is about 75.69 million tons. Southeast Asia and Africa are main palm oil production regions, and their output accounts for about 88% of total palm oil production capacity all over the world. Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria are the top three producing countries in the world. Therefore, as the core equipment of palm oil production, palm oil press has huge market development space.

The PLC control system of intelligent palm oil press was developed  by Huatai Company can  control the output capacity, output speed, and pressing pressure automatically, and truly realize fully automatic control, intelligentization and continuous production. By adjusting the hydraulic pressure and PLC  control system achieves high pressing efficiency, low residual oil rate in cake and low nut crushing rate. The intelligent palm  oil press is also equipped with advanced continuous double screw. Its spiral and squeeze cage are made of Huatai’s  developed new wear-resistant materials which is durable in use.

The data shows that the service life of screw of currently the best foreign palm oil press is 3 months (about 720 hours), and a new set of screw need to be replaced every other 3 months with maximum capacity of 20T/H. While the screw of Huatai’s developed intelligent palm oil press has service life of 9 months (approximately 2160 hours), and the wear resistance and service life have increased by more than 1.5 times compared with foreign imported oil press. The equipment has a large processing capacity, low cost, convenient operation, easy disassembly and maintenance, fills the domestic gap, ends the long history of relying on foreign imports, and breaks the global monopoly of Malaysian palm oil press. The processing capacity of Huatai’s developed palm oil presses is 2T/H, 3T/H, 5T/H, 10T/H, 15T/H, 30T/H, and we has applied for national patent.